Mona Lisa

name Back in 2006, Dream Sexy was quite literally a “sexy dream” of mine. My name is Lisa Newkirk and I own and run Dream Sexy lingerie and Dream Sexy lingerie parties. I have always enjoyed hosting parties in my home and girl’s night out. They were always such a fun way to relax and escape the hustle and daily routine of my corporate job back then. As fate would have it, I was having such a great time that one of my best friends suggested, "Hey, why don't you do this for a living?!” The idea stuck but I needed to find a way to make the girl’s night out extra special. I wanted my private parties to be memorable and fun. Like many other women, another passion of mine was fun, sexy and romantic lingerie. I decided to combine lingerie with the private parties I was hosting with my friend and as they say the rest is “herstory”!
And speaking of stories, you never know what you will discover at a Dream Sexy lingerie party. I invited my mom to one of my first Dream Sexy parties. The game for the night was for each gal to write and put into a hat a secret sexy fantasy (wildest place or…). The group would then have to guess who wrote it. My mom (the most shy in the group) ended up writing the wildest fantasy! At first I had no idea, but soon realized my mom wrote the note and we all had a huge laugh. I never dreamt my mom could be so much fun!
Since then I have gone on to realize my dream of owning my own lingerie business while helping countless women (moms and couples alike!) help realize their sexy fantasies through intimate lingerie and accessories.

How to Use Lingerie to Entice Men and Get What You Want

23rd March 2011
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