How to Use Lingerie to Entice Men and Get What You Want

Published: 23rd March 2011
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Is there something you want but your man keeps saying no? Perhaps a holiday getaway to an exclusive island destination you’ve been dying to go? Or a new pair of sexy designer shoes you can’t wait to include in your collection? Or maybe a gorgeous, new car that has more space for your shopping bags? All sounds too fancy?

Well, the truth is most women would only wish for one thing— a romantic night with her man with a bottle of champagne, sumptuous dinner and steamy hot bedroom romance. No matter what you are eyeing for; it is probably time to use your sexuality to get what you want from your man. Want to get his approval with no questions ask? You just need him to say yes once and render him no choice but give what you want the next time you ask.

How is that possible? Use the charisma of well-chosen lingerie and achieve the edge you need to get that "yes" from him. Getting him in the mood and wanting you more will make him say yes to anything you ask. All men just love nice and sexy lingerie on their women. You just need to find the right lingerie.

Finding the perfect lingerie that fits you is not that difficult if you know the tips and tricks. Be ten times sexier and add an element of surprise and excitement!

2 Magical Tips of Using Lingerie to Accentuate Your Curves

Rule #1: Emphasize your assets.

If you have nice and big breasts, show it off. If you have a flat tummy and long sexy legs, don’t cover them up with long lingerie gowns. Determine your body curves! There are basically three types (although not officially): pear shaped, apple shaped and ‘ruler’. It is helpful to know this information because choosing the right lingerie depends on it.

‘Pears’ have curvy waist and plump thighs. The trick here is to draw your man’s attention to your nice, curvy mid section. Wear lingerie with rouching in the waist to break the bust and hips up. A good example is a sexy chemise or a lacy bra with matching boy shorts.

‘Apples’ have perky, big breasts and a bit flabby mid section. Wear lingerie with sheer fabric and playful details or embellishment over the bust area. Baby dolls will do the trick! Accentuate your cleavage by wearing a plunging neckline.

‘Rulers’ are women with slim, straight body. Seductive bustier and corsets is the best ‘weapon’ to flaunt your curves. A Push up bra with matching ruffled panties also adds bulk to both your breasts and hips.

Rule # 2: Hide your flaws

If you have a bulging tummy, cover it up or make an illusion. A padded bra and dark fabrics can make the tummy look slimmer. Cover up your plump thighs or stretch marks with a teasing skirt to emphasize the upper part of the body.

How to Set a Romantic Mood to Reveal Your New Lingerie

The best way to reveal your new lingerie is by having a nice and private dinner at home. Make it a surprise if possible. Men love surprises and they will say ‘yes’ to anything just to get what they want from you. You can even serve him dinner while wearing your new lingerie. This will drive him crazy and he might not be able to control himself and take you right there on the table. This is when he’s weakest so you can take advantage and make him say ‘yes’.

Where to Find Sheer Sexy See-through Lingerie to Get Him Excited

Finding sexy lingerie is very easy these days. You can do it at the privacy of your own home through the Internet. There’s a wide variety of lingerie for sale online. Deal with a trustworthy website like to ensure a hassle-free and high quality purchase.

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